Fox Species! YEAAH DRAW AAAALL THE FOXES! (Cat Breeds Version)

Wooo back from two weeks in tokyo (felt very strange to draw again at first!)


princess tutu meme; 9 characters // #9 - hermia

"I’m tall, you know? So I’m always the one furthest to the back of the corps. But one day, I noticed that I could see the feeling of being in love on everyone’s backs. The heartrending feelings of people in love. Love is a wonderful thing, but it also makes people suffer and be sad, right? So everyone has a hard time saying ‘I love you,’ and they’re all keeping their feelings inside. I thought I’d at least like to help those people."


And here are all the pretty soldier fancy naval officers of your choice. With a bonus.

All of them were tweaked/cleaned up in some way or another. Some of the designs were reviewed/modified. I also tried to make their planet symbols on the… belt things a bit clearer.

See captions (full view) for details on what was done for each senshi. If you want to compare with/view the originals:

moon | mercury | venus | mars | jupiter | saturn | uranus | neptune | pluto


Hello Princess. Good Evening my Queen. 


Hello Princess. 

Good Evening my Queen. 

favorite character meme: [2/4] outfits




how to draw a sheep: draw a cloud, legs, a circle for the head and there you have it
a sheep

someone draw a sheep using these instructions


this rlly helped i think this is the best sheep i have EVER drawn!!!

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- You ever have one of those nights?
- My fair share.

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When Jane & Jade play Clue, they play to win.
for strannushka, here you go darling :3


When Jane & Jade play Clue, they play to win.

for strannushka, here you go darling :3


colored space hair jade! couldnt decide which version i liked better. transparent ofc